Bridge People Solutions: Payroll Powerhouse for the Philippines

Gay Carr, President, Bridge People SolutionsGay Carr, President
As organizations grow, staffing and payroll continue to rank high among the top concerns for most employers. Manual payroll processes can be tedious, time-consuming and have a detrimental impact on overall efficiency and productivity. In a country like the Philippines payroll management is complicated due to the various allowances that need to be considered. Managing and processing all the payroll components in-house while adhering to the various compliance regulations can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for businesses of all sizes. In such scenarios, most often than not organizations find it difficult to choose between in-house software and outsourced payroll services. Presenting a twin-fold advantage is Bridge People Solutions, a people-focused company based in the Philippines among other HR solutions, provides a secure and affordable packaged payroll solution that comprises both outsourced payroll services and payroll software that is backed by payroll experts to fortify an organization’s payroll management.

Most enterprises typically choose either payroll software or outsourcing depending on their business model, but Bridge offers a combined solution Bridge PayDay so organizations can take advantage of the benefits of software automation with processing expertise and efficiency. Bridge utilizes a cloud-based payroll and HRIS solution that helps companies track, manage time and attendance, and run reports. By leveraging the Bridge PayDay solution, enterprises can manage everything from timekeeping to attendance and tax deduction of employees.

“With a managed payroll approach, we carry out all the heavy tasks and allow organizations to focus on their core business objectives,” says Gay Carr, president of Bridge People Solutions. The Bridge PayDay platform collects all the payroll and timekeeping data from the employer in a consistent, standardized, and totally secure environment. Consequently, the software processes all the information and performs withholdings automatically.
With Bridge’s cloud-based payroll platform operated by certified payroll professionals, the entire payroll process is completely streamlined, which guarantees payroll activities such as computing for deductions, income taxes, benefits, allowances are done efficiently and accurately saving companies not only time, but also money. Another key highlight of Bridge PayDay is the affordability of its solution making it accessible to as many companies as possible.

We carry out all the heavy lifting tasks associated with human resources and allow organizations to focus on its core business objectives

Bridge People Solutions is a ‘one stop shop for HR solutions, offering services from hiring to retiring.’ This concept is what really sets the company apart from other HR solutions vendors. As per Carr, the key aspect of Bridge’s payroll solution is the Bridge Access platform that is offered to customers who have outsourced their payroll to the company. It is a completely free platform that imparts knowhow on several benefits to employees in terms of financial services, investment products, and pension plans. This service proves to be extremely beneficial for those employees who fall under the minimum salary bracket. Carr explains, “Our goal is not to make a profit but to uplift the life of a common Filipino who is earning minimum wages and is not eligible for bank loans and credit cards. Bridge Access provides access to financial services loans with a very low-interest rate.”

To elaborate more on the company’s payroll solutions, Carr cites a scenario where Bridge worked with one of the online retail giants that has over 1000 staff. The salary computation was proving to be a big hassle for the HR department. The partnership with Bridge enabled the company to not only automate all the manual payroll work and save time but also helped them pay the employees accurately and generate comprehensive reports on the payroll.

As a part of their HR solution portfolio, Bridge also assists organizations in staffing and recruitment. “We identify the high potential talent for leadership roles and deploy them in our customer’s workplace,” says Carr. With an ethos rooted in constant innovation and customer success, Bridge is poised to extend their footprint outside of the Philippines such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. In conclusion, Carr says, “We are proud to be the one-stop shop payroll management solution provider across the Philippines.”