BIPO Service: Transforming HR Management beyond Expectations

Florence Mok, MD, North Asia, BIPO ServiceFlorence Mok, MD, North Asia
Businesses today invest a significant slice of their revenue on human resources, making it an indispensable aspect of their success. Companies, regardless of the industry and size, seek for a one-stop human resources solution that engages people from diverse backgrounds and expertise, delivers high-quality service to internal and external customers and strives to build a long-term relationship with clients. These elements put together are what recreate the fundamental ingredients of BIPO Service. Since its inception in 2004, BIPO Service is laser-focused on providing organizations with the most innovative and effective ways to manage their sophisticated and time-consuming human resources (HR) management processes. The company offers cloud and mobile-based HR system as well as payroll outsourcing, attendance automation, business intelligence, HR consulting, recruitment and business process outsourcing, and flexible employee management.

BIPO’s human resources management system (HRMS) is a powerful platform with an integrated suite of applications to support all aspects of an organization’s HR function. The platform is designed to minimize manual work and optimize administrative workflows. Employees can gain seamless access to HR system for organizational chart view, apply leave and overtime, and mobile clock-in/out with a self-service feature in a user-friendly interface. “BIPO’s all-in-one HRM platform is robust and flexible and can fulfill daily HR administration functionalities, supporting the clients’ shared-services needs and decision-making,” says Florence Mok, MD, North Asia, BIPO Service. The highly secure HRMS has sophisticated planning, data-mining, and analytics capabilities, going far beyond a simple data collection and processing HR system.
Each application of the platform is connected and can be flexibly customized to cater to every unique business. To support the platform, BIPO provides an extensive library of proven and optimized procedures and methods available, including user menu, videos, and the latest version of training guide which complements the solution. At BIPO, the team ensures all clients get the benefits they deserve the moment they begin using BIPO platform. “We do not believe in using ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our mission is to be a complete HR technology partner who supports the customer’s business, rather than merely being just another software vendor. We continually strive to achieve this goal,” adds Florence.

For every new client, the company’s team invests time in working with them during the project implementation and after-sales support. This not only ensures a smoother transition from traditional methods but also enables them to experience the best of BIPO expertise. The company also assigns a dedicated team of project consultants and experts who train and guide the clients through the entire process and helps build the initial set-up.

In an instance, BIPO assisted a dredging and marine civil engineering company with employees working onboard a vessel. Employees used time card for manual attendance recording by line supervisors on vessels and site offices. Manual interpretation and calculation of attendance data by payroll administrator made it challenging to manage the HR process with limited information. With BIPO attendance, payroll, claims, leave management and business intelligence solutions, the company was able to cover HR management from administrative to strategic functions with highly configurable policies and workflows to ensure flexibility, and scalability.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company today has a global R&D center in Indonesia and offices spread across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. BIPO Lite and BIPO Pro are the company’s new and expanding products to complement the company’s enterprise system. They are also expanding their reach across South Korea, United Kingdom, Dubai, Pakistan, Cambodia, and Myanmar in the long run. “Our industry leadership is demonstrated through a comprehensive selection of resources that we provide our clients to keep them updated with best practices and HR trends,” concludes Florence.